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txt :: Education Week

Well let me say one good thing about it before I start casting stones in that direction. The education people are better than EFY.

That's the only good thing about it. Now the fun part. :)

Several thousands of people that are walking around campus with nothing else to do but to stare at the students who are actually studying/working and ask them stupid questions like:

"Are you a BYU student?"
"Then how do I get to Eyring building?"

and others alike.

Frankly, I find it quite annoying. I just can't imagine that some 6 years ago I was a part of this annoying crowd for the whole week. I feel so ashamed.

The only speaker that is somewhat worth mentioning is John Bytheway, all others are semi-fun. If you get a chance you can actually go and listen to him, he is a very funny guy.

Education week sucks! I was wondering if there is ever going to be a week when nobody will actually be on campus (except for Christmas and next week).

Sorry for this lousy complains. Just having another early morning.

posted by Anonymous on Thursday, August 18, 2005


At 18 August, 2005 13:49, Blogger Hhhhh said...

Studying in between Summer term and Fall semester? You are a nerd ;) j/k

At 18 August, 2005 14:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

IS classes that I put out till the last minute. Yeah, it sucks.

At 18 August, 2005 14:20, Blogger bla said...

Well Hhhhh you're not studying between summer term and fall semester but you're still a nerd! Now what does that say about you? :P hehehe

At 19 August, 2005 01:42, Blogger Hhhhh said...

I prefer to be a well-learned and smart nerd than a clueless n00b one like you :p


(fake, let go of the books, you brainiac ;) j/k)

At 19 August, 2005 01:43, Blogger Hhhhh said...

The first part of my last post was directed to bla BTW (I clarify this mainly for bla's sake)

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