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posted by bla on Tuesday, October 18, 2005


At 18 October, 2005 16:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So right! ROFL....

At 18 October, 2005 19:11, Blogger Lilia said...

Hey, there are women on this blog. lol

At 18 October, 2005 20:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But you still have to agree that it's true. For a man there are like 4-5 basic things (food, sleep, work, entertainment and respect) that he needs while for a woman the basic things strech to at least 40-50.

At 18 October, 2005 20:36, Blogger Lilia said...

Well, maybe that is because women have more interest in life and do more than men do!!! lol.

You cannot argue that! lol

At 18 October, 2005 20:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wont argue with that. I'll just say that the most essential things that are enough for a human being to live by are what men live by and those that wemen add are most of time if not always unnecessary.

I mean what is this "essential" need to have compliments at least once a day. We men go without them for months and don't start blaming the world for being so cruel and people being so harsh (for the most part we don't even notice that).

The saying is right: "Men are from Mars and wemen are from Venus". The only question is how in the world do we come out from the same woumb?!?!?!

At 18 October, 2005 20:56, Blogger Lilia said...

Ok, I am not going to go into the whole men vs. women subject.

First of all, what is up with the need for compliments thing? We do not need men to give us compliment,it is just sometimes from time to time we just want them to state the obvious lol.

Ok, I agree that maybe we could survive with the essential basic needs, but how boring would that be?

For example, who is usually the one to decorate the house and make it pretty and cosy? who is the one to raise the children and keep them clean and taken care of to say nothing of giving birth? Ok, I am not gonna go very much into that subject, cause men essentialy take part in that one in the beginning lol.

I agree that you can survive with basic needs and women need more than men do, but in the long run it all pays off. I mean think of it, if we did not need all those things and needed about as much as guys do, you would end up dating someone like yourself, a man in a skirt so to say, and we would see how that would have worked out for men. There I said it, now take time to think about it lol.

At 18 October, 2005 21:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no need to think about it. Here is a very nice formula that explains every mens opinion about it :)

girls = time + money
time = money =>
girls = money(squared)
money is the root of all evil so
money = evil =>
girls = evil(squared)

It's true that this debate could go for ever but there is no reason for it. Not after this kind of explanation.


At 18 October, 2005 21:04, Blogger Lilia said...

Ok, I am not gonna say another word on that subject, just ask you a question:

If girls are so evil why are you dating one then?

At 18 October, 2005 21:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men are not very bright when it comes to head cracking activities so because these activities are evil and extreme we love them (and not just activities).

There is a very nice joke about women which explains my last comment.

Telling a complement to a woman is like giving a mulfunctioning granade to a monkey.


At 18 October, 2005 21:14, Blogger Lilia said...

Well, maybe you are right in a sence, cause your last comment is sure gonna cost you a lot, and the head smacking is NOT going to do it.

At 19 October, 2005 09:55, Blogger bla said...

ROFL!!! Man I had a feeling my post would cause something like this lol. Denis I loved the compliment/granade comment! I'm definately saving that one lol

At 17 November, 2009 23:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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