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i got the job

Guys... for all of you that did not know... i got a job with the church.
I will be working in Salt Lake and they are going to be paying me... :) alot :)
I just wanted to le t you know that this job might require me to move to salt lake (a real city and not provo!!!)
so i am exited about it!!
anyway... just to let you know

posted by Emanuel on Tuesday, February 28, 2006


At 28 February, 2006 19:46, Blogger Lilia said...

Congratulations!!! I am very excited for you.

At 01 March, 2006 12:05, Blogger bla said...

Emanuelitaaaaaaa congratulations!!! How did you land that job? I'm going to have to call them and tell them a couple things about you they don't know... Like that kid you showed me way back and told me that it was the reason you couldn't go on a mission? You remember that? lol Sure it wasn't true, but still! hehehe. Anyways I'm just playing. Really happy for you man! Congrats one more time.

At 02 March, 2006 09:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrads on the job, and I've heard that "alot" is a ton of money so CONGRADS!

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