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txt :: That 360 Review that Goga Has Been Promising!

Yeah, I finally pulled it all together and decided to post my first post. Gog, I figured we'd never actually get to writing collaboratively, (is that a word?), so here it goes:

Graphics, Graphics, Graphics.

If I had to use only one word to differentiate the 360 from its predecessor, this would be it. (Although to be honest I’ve never actually played the original XBOX I am pretty sure this is true)

Gog, I think you would agree with me that the first thing that went through our head when we popped that FIFA: Road to World Cup into the disc slot was: WOW, these graphics are awesome. Although, I have to say that this is probably still the dominating thought that goes through our head when we play it (that and the fact that we can finally play with Armenia against France). Mik, Zidane couldn’t look more real if he was sitting in front of us. Not to say that the game is bad, it’s AWESOME, but I don’t think that it is drastically different from say FIFA 2006 for the PC or Gamecube, except in the graphics department, which is a considerable difference, if you ask me.

Ok, back to the console itself. There are a bunch of nice features like being able to look at pictures stored on the computer on the same network as the 360, downloading high def movie trailers and demos from XBOX Live (free for the first month!!!), streaming media from pc (but it has to be a special Windows Media PC or something like that). However, at the end it all comes down to the games, and right now there aren’t that many good games for the 360. Actually there aren’t that many games for it, period. The ones we played are: FIFA – AWESOME, NFS: Most Wanted – OK, nothing special, Perfect Dark Zero – returned it the next day. Finally, we should be getting Call of Duty 2 this weekend, which should be great. As a final thought, I think 360 is going to really pick up once more games are released that show off its power, not just the graphical aspect of it. Gog feel free to add more, also we’ll try to post screenshots.

posted by gurgentus on Thursday, January 12, 2006


At 12 January, 2006 18:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Call of Duty 2 on a huge 40 somthing inch screen and it looked awesome.

In comparison to PC I should say it looks about the same but original XBox would never achive such graphics quality and intence gameplay.

Nice review and yes we do want screens. :)

At 13 January, 2006 07:25, Blogger bla said...

Call of Duty 2 really does look AMAZING. I saw it at Wal-Mart the other day on one of the displays and holy cow did the graphics look awesome. Gurgen thanks for the review! I figured that slacker Goga will never get around to posting that thing by himself! Great review, I'm glad Zidane looks very realistic, so when I hit him and injure him it's more realistic than ever! Finally Armenia! Woohoo! (: Thanks again for the great review and welcome to the blog!! (:

At 13 January, 2006 14:28, Blogger Goga said...

oh...the dog ate it....mika! give it back! bad boy, bad boy!! lol

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