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ok... the semester is over... we must...!! I REPEAT.... WE MUST!!!! get some online gaming now before next semester starts... i will prefer saturday morning... what do you think?
i need to kill denis, and mika!! i have not done that for long time
we need to put a date.. I was thinking this saturday (17th). or friday 23rd...
I will be talking with denis to see if we can set up a server.

posted by Emanuel on Wednesday, December 14, 2005


At 14 December, 2005 16:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Games we could play:

- CIV 4
- CS 1.6/Source (if direct ip in Source any version will do)
- Warcraft (not for me, but for you guys)
- I want something like Diablo 2 online, that would be awsome (and no I don't wanna pay for WoW :) )

...any other ideas?

At 15 December, 2005 13:38, Blogger bla said...

OK first off Emanuel(ita) :P hehe I think you're right it has been a VERY long time. Apparently too long since you don't remember that it was the other way around - meaning I would kill you! That's right you heard me! Bring it on! hehe.

Ok now as far as the list goes.

Civ 3 not civ 4... my lappy will blow up if I try to play that thing.
CS 2.0 (reloaded) is out on the famous russian website. It's basically CS 1.6 with some stuff from the fusion pack, etc. Not a new game, just moded so it looks cool.

As far as any blizzard games go, you guys need to get some legal games... I mean seriously sheesh! haha just kidding. I have no room to talk right? lol

Anyways let me know what and how and so on. I can get some people from here too.


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